10 Tips for Senior People Meet on Dating App

Are you 50+ plus and single? Someone who cruised through life, but really never met that someone special who could make you pause…perhaps someone who lost the loved one en route the journey of life ….or perhaps someone who missed the bus while chasing big dreams! Well, the good news is that technology is to your rescue and, how?

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Senior people meet apps have sprung up a whole new opportunity for those who want to rekindle the lost spark in their life. It is not just time-saving but brings you the convenience of connecting like-minded people beyond geopolitical boundaries. www.seniormatch.com, www.match.com, www.eHarmony.com, www.elitesingles.com are some of the websites which score high in the popularity chart. Registering at least a million visits per month on an average, they bring to light the fact that senior people are not averse to the idea of exploring technology in living a fulfilling life.

Technology is a double-edged sword. You can learn how to use senior dating app meticulously with this guide. Hence, sharing certain tips that will help you tread the path cautiously:

1. Verify the source of the app:

There is no dearth of senior dating apps available. One can get easily charmed away by the looks of the app/website only to realize later that your personal information like your contact details, personal pictures, and other confidential information has been stolen. And senior people, who are relatively new to technology, can be an easy target of such scams. Hence, always download apps from authorized sites, authorized app corners like Google Play, iOS store, etc. Read the reviews well before you zero down on one. And always verify the information that app seeks permission to access. Because information once parted with cannot be retrieved.

2. One solution does not fit all:

Most of the mobiles are either Android or Apple based operating system. Download app which is compatible with your operating system on your mobile.

3. Profile verification:

Most of the websites allow free registration. So do check for all the details listed by a person in the profile. And it always pays to get additional verification done to confirm on the veracity of the profile where professional networking sites come to rescue.

4. Set your preferences:

With websites catering to a global diaspora, it’s very easy to get lost in the vastness. And there are equal chances that someone looking for you might be wading lost in the sea as well. So how do we get you two to tango? Use the search criteria filter to your advantage. Specify your preferences so that you can encounter profiles who share similar interests, passion, etc.

5. Slow and steady:

Honesty and trust are the benchmarks of a true relationship. However, when you are on virtual site, it pays to be slow and steady. Do not reveal all about yourself at one go as you might be perceived as ‘needy’ while all you might be wanting is being honest! Also never share any information like your bank account, credit card and pin number, address, etc.

6. Your safety is paramount:

This holds true not just for senior people but the younger generation alike. While many people have indeed met their soul mates through dating sites, who knows it could be the Devil in Prada!!! So, if you have met this someone special on the app and it’s time you both decided to meet in person, then go ahead. But tread with caution. Do share your plans with at least a close friend or a family member you can confide into. Share details like the place of meeting and time, and switch on the location tracker on the mobile. Use Emergency apps which send out a distress signal to the selected contact list should you be in a spot. Use all the above to your advantage and have a relaxed evening.

7.Family and kids:

If you have kids in the family, it is important to discuss your thoughts with them and understand theirs, before inviting anyone new into the life of their parent. Respect them and they shall respect you back.

8. What if you knock the wrong door?

There have been instances that people have parted ways when things appeared going right. Or maybe you were rejected. Laugh it off and move on. ..You are yet to arrive at the right door…

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9. You can also say ‘No’:

If your heart is all for it but gut still says no, go for the gut. Your sixth sense cannot misguide you about the person.

10. Learn the basics:

Empower yourself with the basic know-how to use technology with the right safety features. If people around are too busy, use the internet which is inundated with self-help tutorials.

All the possibilities in life open up only when you accord yourself the love and respect that you can bestow on others. So grant yourself that power to allow love and companionship come into your life with senior dating. And miracles should follow. Reading more

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